Update January 26th

Aaron and I have worked so hard to finally get to where we were BEFORE any of this happened. We’ve lived here in Texas for two years now and life was just getting good. Aaron had an amazing job and he actually loved it. The babies and him had great insurance (something I never had growing up). Life was just starting to get good. I had a job I loved, where I was learning and growing, I truly loved it. I was finally making friends, the babies finally had friends. There were talks about finally buying a house. So many things to look forward too because we were finally there. Finally financially stable. I was so excited for the year 2018. This was going to be our year. Aaron and I were FINALLY going to get married after THREE years of being engaged and two babies later. I was finally going to have my “dream” wedding. I’m telling you right now that life was getting good and it was getting exciting! I’ve never had any high goals or crazy dreams, all I wanted was to be financially stable. To have my kids grow up financially stable and to be able to spoil them. I just feel like we were so close to reaching that goal and it was taken away. I know we can still reach it, but we were just so close to having it and its hard to see it go so fast.

Right now I’m missing Remis first steps and her first walk. I’m missing Adley and her dance moves. I miss them. Life isn’t fun without them. Life isn’t the same without them. I want to get to California as soon as possible
I am blessed we are able to go out to California and go to City of Hope so we can be close to the babies. But we’re moving there and we’re not going to have anything. I feel like we’re starting from the beginning all over again. We don’t have the money to bring our belongings with us. AJs going to have to give back his truck because we can no longer make the payments. We’re not sure how were going to afford to get out to California except to pack my car full of the
babies stuff (the necessities lol)

Now my dream wedding isn’t the most important thing to me anymore, but just to be able to marry Aaron is a dream. I want to be able to marry him before anything else bad happens. I want to be able to see our baby girls walk down the isle before me. Its those little things that I want. I want the now. I don’t want to take it for granted anymore.
I’m so blessed to have two healthy babies and a loving Fiancé. We really have a good life. And I’m not writing this for anyone to feel bad but just to understand how hard this is. How hard it is to have the sole provider of our house not be ABLE to work. (I’ve called many organizations to see if we can get help, but I’m either doing something wrong or I have to call every day to finally get in touch with them which is exhausting)

I hate that I’m even typing this and I hate how terrible I feel even asking for help, but if you feel in your heart and don’t mind helping us out we would honestly from the bottoms of our heart appreciate anything. We really just need the money to be able to get to California. Then after that I will be able to work. I’m sorry that I’m asking this. I’m sorry if this makes you uncomfortable. I’m sorry if you think this is not the right thing to do. I just don’t know where else to turn and this is all just happening so fast that we didn’t have the money saved for all these expenses.

I hate that this happening and that I’m sitting here asking this. So long story short if you have even $5 you’re willing to donate that would be amazing. I know that we will be able to get at least 50 miles closer to the babies.
** Please specify on the donation page that it’s for AJ. Thank you all

AJ was the sole provider for our family and our monthly bills
unfortunately don't get put on hold during this difficult time.

Just to make ends meet monthly his income covered close to $3,000 a month in rent, bills, diapers and formula our two babies plus $450 in car payments and with
hospital bills piling up and no income coming in for potentially
4-6 months it's frightening what our future holds.

Please pray, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
If you're able to help financially in any way my family appreciates it more than you know.

Please share. Thank you so much.


January 18 Update from Wynter
I just wanted to do a little update on Aaron and how our life is going. Since so many people have been praying and giving. It’s the least I can do.

I just want to say thank you all for helping our family out. Only a select few knows how this feels. You think your life is going in one direction and it completely turns around. It’s hard. It’s harder when you don’t have family to come help you, or talk to you in person.
BUT I am glad my mom is fortunate to be here. She’s been ...helping tremendously, helping me get out of this hospital room even if it is to go walk around Walmart or go sit in her car and do nothing.
I’m glad I’m able to physically get up and get out of this hospital. I feel terrible every time I have to leave Aaron. I hate that he has to go through this alone. I wish I can take the pain and suffering away from him. It’s not fair for him.
If he hurts, I want to hurt. If he’s suffering, I want to suffer with him. I want to stay in the hospital and use this crappy shower, sleep on the most uncomfortable bed, eat hospital food, have my “home” (for this month) be this tiny room. I don’t want him to go through alone.
I stay at the hospital 24/7 now because I no longer want to go home, my home just isn’t the same without my girls there. I miss them, but I just have to keep reminding myself that they’re having fun, they’re being loved on, and they’re on “vacation” without me. I know life can be worse. I know people have situations worse than ours. We have a good life, just a hard year ahead of us.
I’m grateful that I have my family to watch my girls when things get hard. I’m thankful for having generous friends and family who is willing to help our family out when we can no longer afford daily living. From the deepest of my heart, I’m thankful for you.

Aaron has had one round of chemo. He’s had some scary side affects but overall is doing good. Some days he doesn’t want to get out of bed, and other days he wishes he could go to the gym. The chemo has definitely done a toll on his body in these short 2 weeks and it’s terrifying to watch.
We’ll be getting discharged in 10 days. And we’re praying we will be able to go get the girls or go see them before he starts his second round of chemo in February. He had a bone marrow biopsy done yesterday and once we get the final results in we’ll update everyone again.

I can’t thank you guys enough for praying for us. I appreciate every one of you.


January 18 Update from Talena

Hi you beautiful people. Just dropping in for an update on my amazing son in law. He has really shown me what it means to be courageous. He is fighting the good fight with such a great attitude and it truly inspires me. He is showing everyone around him what being determined looks like. And Wynter, words can't explain the amount of pride I have in this amazing girl I've had the pleasure of calling mine. She has shown me and everyone else what being selfless looks like. She has always been a bit if a cry baby hahaha (jk Wynter, nah, no I'm not) but not this time. This time she is fighting this with determination and courage, and such focus, she is fighting this with a grateful heart. Not once has she thought about herself. It's aways abut AJ and what's best for him, his needs and his feelings and also of course those beautiful babies. She has become an amazing women and I truly admire her. I'm not going to lie though, they are scared. Shoot we are all scared. Everything is so unknown and things can change from good to bad in a blink of an eye. There are the every day things, like their home, their vehicles, their utilities. But all that is small in comparison to what they have going on with his health. Which is my main reason of not wanting to have them worry about the smaller things and why I am so thankful to those who have donated and to those that are still donating and or planning on doing so. You are all so amazing. Because they are going to need it. As of now it looks like he won't be able to go back to work anywhere from 6 to 8 months. If even then. The Dr said he is gonna have another round of chemo. They always do atleast the 2 rounds. Reason being is because luekemia is an asshole and always comes back. So they do the 2 rounds no matter what to just be sure. Even if his biopsy comes back with no cancer found he will still have to do another round. He will be considered in remission while doing it if the cancer is gone but if it's not the the chemo will hopefully finish killing the cancer that is left. He had his biopsy today. I don't know how many of y'all know this but from what I've heard, and not even by AJ, but I've heard that getting that procedure hurts like a mother effer. But AJ is a champ and he was cracking jokes while having it done. They couldn't break in to his bone it took the Dr several times of trying till he finally got it. I guess the Dr was even huffing and puffing. The Dr tells AJ you have really strong bones and AJ says that's because I drink lots of milk. Hahahaha the Dr wasn't to amused by AJs joke but I sure was. They will get the results to that back in 10 days and then that's when we will know for sure what his prognosis is. That will tell us if the chemo killed all the cancer. So please pray that chemo did its job because chemo sure is doing a job on Ajs body. His platelets are extremely low. He has had 7 bags of platelets put in. Sometimes a couple bags a day. A person is supposed to have 150,000, AJ only has 7000. He has a hemorrhage in his eye because his body keeps bleeding out. His nose pours blood out like a water faucet for 40 minutes at a time. You know if the nurses are scared then it's a scary situation and the nose bleed had the nurses scared. He has had several several blood transfusions. At times he is in a lot of pain. His vision has gone bad and he has sores all throughout his mouth. If he gets any kind of infection and it's not caught right away he can die in a matter of hours. All this is normal when having done chemo. And he still has to do another round of it. But through out all this he still is in good spirits. And he is a fighter. The Dr says he thinks he has a good chance because he is so young. Nonetheless cancer don't care how young you are, it still will attack you. And then chemo will attack you even more so. So please continue with the prayers. They need those more then anything. They are working. They are felt and they are appreciated. Keep em coming. And please continue to share the foundations page. And if you are able to please continue to donate. That's one of the hardest parts of this is having to ask for help. But it is needed. So if you're able to then please do. We appreciate it so much. I will continue to update as we are updated. Thank you for loving this amazing couple. Thank you for doing all that you have done for them. From my family to yours



Dr's said AJ should be ok because he is young and strong but that no doubt it will take a toll on his body. This chemo will kill the bad blood cells as well as the good so he is going to have to have a blood transfusion. If the chemo doesn't work then that's when he will have to have a bone marrow transfusion. We're of course praying that he doesn't need a bone marrow transfusion but if and when he does we are thankful that we have such a huge family. We are hoping between AJs family and our own that somebody will be a match. The Dr's have said that AJ will be in the hospital for at least a month during this time but probably longer. He hasn't been able to see the babies since he went in to the hospital because they have had a little bit of a runny nose and once he starts chemo he won't be able to because it will be to risky as he will be really susceptible to infections. After the chemo he will be at risk to severe infections, vomiting, bleeding, nauseous, etc. So it's easy to say the girls and their daddy are missing eachother tremendously. We do know he won't be able to go back to work for a couple months after going in to remission. And yes I say after going in to remission and not if he does because I have confidence that he will beat this. Our God is a mighty God and He answers prayers. And we have the best prayer warriors on our side praying hard for AJ. We are hoping that he will still have his job when this is all said and done. As of right now we aren't sure what will happen with that. All this having occurred so quickly AJ hasn't had a chance to talk to his work yet to find out their policies on something like this happening. Which is the reason we raised the amount on the gofund me page. The last thing I want is for Wynter and AJ to have to worry about their rent or their utilities. I don't want them to have to stress on money or if the babies and Wynter will continue to have a house to live in while AJs in the hospital. I want them to be able to focus on getting AJ better. We are asking for continued prayer. Please don't stop praying. God is hearing your prayers. And we are feeling the comfort of them as well. Also please continue to share this page. We are amazed at how many people this has reached already. And we are in complete awe and are so grateful to all of you that have donated, messaged, prayed, shared, and reached out to one of us. All of you have shown us so much love. It's comforting to know we have all of you fighting this with us. Again if you can and you are lead to do so, please donate. We love you all. We are grateful for you all. And we will keep you updated as we are updated. ONE ☮️ LOVE
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Hi family and friends... As some of you know, Wynters fiance AJ was diagnosed today with AML which is a fast acting Luekemia. He went to the Dr's this week and was told he had the flu. Unfortunately he got a phone call the next day telling him to go straight to the hospital because they think he has luekemia. He had tests done, one being a bone marrow test which concluded he in fact does have it. AJ is the main provider for my daughter and my granddaughters. He just recently got a great job that he loves and has been fortunate enough to be able to provide very well for his family as he is a great provider. That being said they have a beautiful home, nice vehicles, and bills a plenty. With this coming about so sudden there hasn't been time to save for this situation. As well as Christmas was just a few days ago..... Wynter has been having to drive a 40 minute drive one way just to get to the hospital to see him. We all know in this situation she's torn between needing and wanting to be with the love of her life as well as wanting and needing to be with her little baby girls..... The cost of living is expensive enough but now with the added expense of having to drive back and forth to the hospital and neither of them being able to work I can forsee that times are gonna be pretty tough financially. We know from what the doctors tell us that he will be in the hospital for at least a month.

AJ is a retired Marine who fought for our country for the first 7 years of his adult life. He is an amazing father to my granddaughters who adore him and are excited every day when he walks in that front door. He is a wonderful fiance to Wynter, one that loves and provides for her unselfishly. He is needed and he is wanted and he is loved. What I am asking is most importantly prayers for healing. Prayers that he fights this fight triumphantly. Prayers that he can get back home to his family healthy and whole as soon as possible. Prayers for God's healing hands on AJs body. Prayers for the Dr's wisdom throughout this process. Prayers that only the best Dr's are put in his path during the course of this. Prayers are first and foremost what are important. Secondly if it is possible and you are lead to do so, donating some money to help them out with their expenses during this hard time would also be most appreciated. This is a man that has never asked anyone for anything. He has provided for himself and his family all on his own. He has worked his butt off to be able to do so. So believe me asking for help during this time isn't something that comes easy. But it is something that is very much needed. We thank you all in advance. Please pray and I'll keep you all updated.

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