The Twins Are Home!!!

On December 31, 2016, Merline and Merlande Lee arrived in the USA from Haiti and settled into their new home in Franklin, TN.  This completed a four-year adoption journey full of peaks, valleys and surprises.  The Lee family thanks countless supporters for their financial gifts and prayers.  On January 15, the twins turned 12 years old and enrolled as 5th graders in a local public school.  It is an excellent school with wonderful teachers and resources to aid in the girls’ assimilation to the USA.

The Lees are now looking for further financial assistance for the next stages of this extensive journey.  The twins are on a path to becoming U.S. citizens, require comprehensive medical and dental care, legal assistance, counseling and tutoring.  It is a huge adjustment for the entire family and adoption is certainly no easy task.  As the family transitions to the next phase of adoption, they are thankful and excited for what lies ahead!




Since January of 2013, Jim and Monica Lee have been pursuing the adoption of twin girls in Port-au-Prince, Haiti by the names of Merline and Merlande Faurestal.  Shortly after
the devastating earthquake in 2010 that killed an estimated 250,000 people, their birth mother placed them in a tiny rundown orphanage.  She was simply too poor
to care for them.  Jim met them in June of 2012 when he led a group of
high school students on a mission trip from Oaks Christian School.  
They were ill with worms and experiencing signs of malnutrition. 



It’s been over three years since Jim and Monica started the arduous adoption process.  Last summer, the Lee family relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where Jim took a new position with a K-12 school: Christ Presbyterian Academy.  He is the school’s first Director of Spiritual Formation and Discipleship.  Monica is a session singer and already securing work in Music City.

On March 16, 2016, Jim received a critical document from Haitian social services while visiting their girls in Haiti.  This document officially “matched” the Lees with the twins. 
The door has now been opened to work towards the final stages of bringing the twins home to the USA! 

Over the next few months, the Lees will be making trips to Haiti to meet with social workers, attorneys and judges.  If all goes well, they should bring the eleven year-old girls home in late summer or early fall.  Jim and Monica are looking to raise funds to complete the adoption and to help them get established in Tennessee. 

Examples of costs include fees (legal, adoption agencies in US and Haiti, translators and medical), air travel which may include last minute changes, room and board in Haiti, in-country transportation, passports and visas for the girls,
social services and English tutoring. 

Jim and Monica are looking to raise $10,000 to complete the adoption. 
All contributions are tax deductible, as allowed by law. 

Thank you for considering a gift to bring Merline and Merlande home!







In June of 2012, a team of 20 from Oaks Christian School walked into a small orphanage run by a Haitian pastor in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Pastor Jim Lee, the Director of Spiritual Life of Oaks Christian School was the team leader. Oaks high school students immediately unloaded an SUV full of rice and beans for the children.  As they started to make sandwiches for the orphans, Jim discovered a small toddler going to the bathroom on the floor.  As the boy cried, Jim could not help but notice the worms that were in the boy’s feces.  Because many kids in Haiti do not have access to clean water, worms are a common occurrence.  After the kids ate the sandwiches, Jim noticed a tiny little girl that reminded him of his daughter.  As he knelt down to talk with her, the tiny girl gave him a smile and then unexpectedly…introduced him to her twin sister.

Jim could not help but think of adopting them.  Haiti is one of the top three poorest countries in the world.  The unemployment rate is 75%.  The earthquake of 2010 killed an estimated 300,000 people.  Jim and a group of Oaks dads returned to Haiti in January of 2013.  Another delivery of food took them to the twins’ orphanage.  Jim went back home to California convinced in his heart that his family of five needed to increase to seven.  When he arrived home, he found his wife Monica and three children (ages 10, 8 and 5) convinced that this is what the family needed to do.

The little girls are Merline and Merlande Lundi.  Their birth mom handed them over to an orphanage to care for them when they were four because she was too poor to care for them.  She has agreed to let the Lee family adopt them!   Jim recently traveled to Haiti on February 22 to hire a Haitian adoption agency to get the legal process started.  The Lees are also searching for a U.S. adoption agency to assist them in the arduous process. 

They need to raise approximately $75,000-$90,000 to pay for legal fees, adoption agencies (both USA and Haiti), immigration (both USA and Haiti), travel costs and a host of other expenses. Please consider donating your airline miles to help get the Lee Family to see the girls in Haiti or when its time, to bring the girls home. Airline miles from American, Delta or Spirit would be greatly appreciated.

Monica and Jim strongly believe that God has placed in their hearts the desire to pursue adopting Merline and Merlande.  They are committed to the long journey and ask for your prayers and financial assistance in bringing them to the United States of America.  God bless you and thank you.

The Talbert Foundation has graciously provided a convenient way for our family and friends to bring the Lundi children to The United States. We believe in this mission and ask that you consider joining us in any way possible. Click on the following link to generously donate. Jim, Monica, Karissa, Micah and Shane will be forever grateful.


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with the adoption of Merline and Merlande

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