"mantra" to help him through this difficult time:
Courage Strength Believe
to accept the fact he has cancer and fight it
to handle the treatments and hospital stays
that he will soon beat this cancer for good

Kevin Cordasco is a 16 year old young man that has been battling Neuroblastoma since the age of 9.

Originally misdiagnosed with Osteomylytis at several different Hospitals.only to be diagnosed nearly a month later with stage 4 High Risk Nueroblastoma by Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Kevin has been in and out of Hospitals for the past 4 and a half years in three different cities searching for a cure. Kevin has endured a multitude of Surguries, More Chemotherapry than any human being should ever be subject to, a Stem Cell Transplant(Bone Marrow Transplant), and different types of Radiation both traditional and experimental. Kevin has fought his way through multiple relapses and currently is relying on most experimental drugs and Chemotherapy.

Kevin is a warrior and.for all of his 70 pounds... is the strongest human being I have ever seen. He has met the President,
Althlete's and Celebrities alike. All of whom, I am sure have come away with a sense that they were fortunate to have met this
courageous young man.

From the age of 10, Kevin has spoken in front of  thousands of people for the benefit of the American Cancer Society / Relay's for Life and the St. Baldrick's Foundation. When he is through telling his story, there is not a dry eye in the house... people cannot believe how openly and articulately this 10, now 14 year old can express himself about something that many of us could not even phathom.

Kevin has been named the "Citizen of the Year" in the City of Calabasas in 2008.. Where he again spoke in City Chamber at the state of the City address and received the "Courage Award" as a graduating 8th grader from Alice C. Stelle Middle School in Calabasas.

Recently, Kevin was honored by the Calabasas boys Basketball team as the "Most Inspirational Player" and even had a Day named after him by order of  the Mayor and City Council. ...  Feb. 11th 2011 (Kevin Cordasco day!)


Kevin's Fund, a progam of the Talbert Family Foundation,  has raised funds vital for Kevin's many and prolonged treatment's, . Kevin's Fund is a grass roots financial support group that has been growing since the day of his diagnosis to this day. Kevin's Fund has also raised thousands of dollars for other Fund's within the Talbert Family Foundation.

Kevin's story is being lived out every day.. His attitude and grace under such a constant struggle against Cancer has changed the way so many people look at and live their own life.

This young man is an Athlete, A Musician and an Honor Student. At times running jumping and playing, and at times.. in such pain that he cannot walk alone. Kevin may likely need a second Stem Cell Transplant and was one of only a handful of children ever to undergo the experimantal MIBG Radiation 3 times. This young man is truely remarkable..

We would like to Thank the Talbert Foundation..The Establishment of Kevin's Fund has helped our family and many others navigate through the challenges of Kevin's Journey.

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