In September we brought Thatcher (our 2 year old son) in to see the pediatrician for what we hoped was just an ear
infection check up. She saw something she didn't like and sent us to the ER for a CT scan. They found a golf ball size mass in Thatcher's brain. We went via ambulance to UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital and
prepped for brain surgery the next day to remove this mass.

The surgery was successful and Thatcher has recovered from the surgery. The tumor is completely resected! Unfortunately, it was found to be cancerous, so here we are, with a 2 year old fighting brain cancer.
The diagnosis is medulloblastoma.
It is treatable, but we have 6 months of chemo ahead of us to hopefully get rid of the cancer that is still present.

Thatcher told us he was brave when he took the CT Scan in the ER at the first hospital we went to. That has stuck with us. We will do our best to be brave for him. He has done incredibly well under the circumstances, showing how brave, among other things, he really is.

Keaton our 5 year old daughter who started Kindergarten this year, is doing well too, providing a joy to our lives I cannot express through this process. To see Thatcher light up when he sees her is pretty special. 

Since this started, I cannot count the amount of prayer, texts, calls, and social media messages I have received. I can't express how grateful we are for our family, church, co-workers and our network of friends who are praying, visiting, sending food, donating money, and buying t shirts.

IT'S UNREAL how so many people have stepped up and I cannot tell you how appreciative we are.

We are nearly done with the first of 6 rounds of chemo.
Now we kind of know what to expect. We will continue to rely on the support of friends
and family to get through this and be brave for Thatcher. 

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